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Max Blumenthal on the rise of Israeli extremism.

ppl who use the word “buddy”

pls die

was sitting on the floor

was sitting on the floor

So it’s raining really hard. There’s a fundamentalist Christian living beside a river and it starts to flood. The sheriff’s deputies come by and tell him he should leave before the river cuts off the road. 

"The Lord will save me," he tells them. 

The river is up to the front porch and the some folks come by in a boat and tell him to hop in and they’ll take him to safety. 

"The Lord will save me," he tells them. 

The water rises above the first floor and the man has to climb on his roof. The National Guard comes by in a boat and begs the man to come with them. 

"The Lord will save me," he tells them. 

The waters keep rising and the man is clinging to his chimney. A helicopter appears and lowers a rope, but he refuses to go, telling them “The Lord will save me.” 
Finally he is standing on top of the chimney and the river is still rising. 

"Lord," he calls out, "Lord, why have you forsaken me?" 

The sky splits open and a HUGE voice booms out… “I sent two boats and a helicopter… What more do you want?” 

str8s capturing our history how sweet



This photo series is dedicated to the devaluation that “Selfie Culture” has caused onto the way be not only perceive/treat political statements but the way people unknowingly perpetuate the exploitation of a victimized minority. We live in a time where it is more relevant to have others know you were present for something significant than it is to observe the message and history of what you’ve come to see. While the exhibit featured a large nude sculpture of a naked women, The Marvelous Sugar Baby, many patrons took the opportunity to take pictures of themselves in front of the vagina of the sculpture, not only sexualizing its body but in extension sexualizing the female body in general and as much as I loved the exhibition and all it was, I was greatly offended by what I saw today 

Can you explain what cis means?


when the doctor slaps ur butt after ur born n they go, “it’s a ___!” ur just like “truuuu” 4 ur whole life

MY DAD TYPES IN TRAILING CONJUNCTIONS (“I told her she shouldn’t do it but…”)